Learn, Preserve & Propagate Jain Adhyatma

Jain Adhyatma Academy of North America – JAANA – is an association of Jains who are dedicated to preserving, learning and propagating Jain Adhyatma provided by Teerthankar and written in Paramagam by Shri Kundkundacharya and all other Acharya subsequent to him in his tradition, who were greatly revered by Krupaludev Shrimad RajChandra and Pujya Gurudev Shri Kanjiswami of Songadh. Through his daily discourses on various Paramagam such as Samaysar, Pravachansar, Niyamsar, Ashtapahud, Panchastikaay etc. for over 45 years, Gurudev Shri Kanjiswami reintroduced Jain Adhyatma that was covered up under the clouds of hollow rituals and wrong beliefs.

JAANA plans to carry out a broad range of activities, the foremost among them being educating adults and children about Jain Adhyatma. We plan to –

  • Arrange lectures of various scholars from India

  • Conduct Adhyatmik Shibirs / Seminars / Workshops

  • Prepare appropriate educational materials

  • Help various centers in running Pathshala

  • Use internet to conduct uniform exams based on uniform curriculum plans

Our Jain community in general seems to be getting more and more engrossed in the ritualistic practices. Even though Jain Adhyatma is very logical, scientific & verifiable by self-experience, it is generally not being taught in our Pathshala for adults and children. Similarly, most of the visiting scholars do not focus on Adhyatma either! We therefore must re-establish the importance of learning this truly purposeful tenet of Jainism. It is a historic challenge to preserve, propagate and perpetuate our invaluable spiritual heritage to the next generation. Together we can do it. We, therefore, invite you to join us in seizing this moment together.

  • What is Adhyatma?

The Universe is made of six types of Dravya (Substances). They are described at length in Jain Scriptures, which are collectively called Agam. The portion of Agam that deals mainly with Atma is known as Adhyatma. Adhiï means to know and Atma means Jeev or Soul.

  • What is Mithyatva?

From the beginning-less time, we all have established oneness with our bodies. Everyone therefore constantly thinks, believes and experiences that this body is me or it belongs to me and I can make it work according to my wishes. This is called Mithyatva. It makes us go through the infinite cycles of births and deaths. Mithyatva, therefore, is the biggest sin and the root cause of all miseries.

  • What is Samyak-Darshan?

The process of liberation of soul from the painful cycle of births and deaths (moksha) begins when one learns the true nature of soul and then establishes oneness with it. This results in attainment of Samyak-Darshan. It is always accompanied by an experience of extra-sensory bliss, which cannot be described by words.

  • What is Bhedvigyan?

Bhedvigyan means the science of differentiation. The practitioner of Bhedvigyan differentiates his eternal and unchanging soul from his body, karmas and the transitory feelings. He then experiences oneness with it and attains Samyak-Darshan.

  • Why should we learn Adhyatma?

The spiritual goal of any Jain should be to attain Samyak-Darshan. The study of Adhyatma leads to the understanding and practicing of Bhedvigyan. We, therefore, should learn Adhyatma first and then practice the Bhedvigyan to attain Samyak-Darshan.