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The 20th Annual Shibir

June 29 - July 4, 2019

Walking the Path of Adhyatma To Get Rid of Mithyatva continues…

A great opportunity to learn from great scholars

Dr. Hukamchandji Bharill, Dr. Sanjeevji Godha,

Shashtri Vipinji Jain & Shashtri Bipinji Jain

A great opportunity to learn ‘JAIN ADHYATMA’ as described in the “Paramagams” written by Kundkundacharya and all other Acharyas subsequent to him in his tradition, and greatly revered by Todarmalji, and Shri Kanjiswami. Through daily discourses on various Paramagams such as Samaysaar, Pravachansaar and Niyamsaar for over 45 years, Shri Kanji Swami reintroduced Jain Adhyatma which was covered up under the clouds of hollow rituals and wrong beliefs.

SHIBIR WILL BE HELD at Jain Center of Southern California

8072 Commonwealth Ave, Buena Park, CA 90621-2520

Official Shibir accommodation is at Fairfield Inn & Suites

7828 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park, CA 90621

For Reservation, call 800-228-9290. Please mention Price code JAANA2019 (Room rates are $109.00 + tax per night)


Don’t Miss this opportunity!

Shibir Registration:

$150 per person for entire shibir (Kids no Charge)

or $50 per day (includes Breakfast, Lunch, Tea-snack & Dinner)

Registration is required for Shibir Book, food arrangements, & other logistics. 

Seating preference will be given in the order of postmarked paid registration received begining February 4, 2019.

Please fill out the form below & mail with your check. email copy to atulkhara@gmail.com

Mail to: Jain Adhyatma Academy of North America • 601 West Parker Road, Suite 106, Plano, TX 75023



Phone No._____________________________________ Email_______________________________________

Arrival Date & Time_____________________ Departure Date & Time __________________ by Car / Flight

How Many Will Attend the Shibir?______ You Yes No • Spouse Yes No • Parents Yes No

Children: Yes No If yes, list ages: ___________________________ Pathshala Class for Kids Yes No

Are you staying at Shibir Hotel? Yes No Suggestions/Special Requests: _________________________


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